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About Seppa Vineyard

Seppa Winery & Land, History


The Seppa farm has been in the family since 1908. Originally a small house on open lands, the home was purchased and built out from a one-room country shack by Matti Seppä in the early 1900's. 

The building of a Finnish sauna, barns and planting of Oak trees began the land development. Matti's son, Emil and wife Marie (expert fruit canner) would raise their kids next door, and eventually the original house & land were taken on by Emil's son Don and wife Gina Seppa.


Sonoma County was once considered 'The Egg Capital,' of the world and the Seppa land contributed to this through the brooding of chickens like so many other farming families in the area. Eggs and chickens eventually gave way to mustard flowers and horse paddocks. 


In 2001 Don Seppa planted his first Pinot Noir grapes on two separate slopes of land. He makes his own wine for family, and sells bulk grapes to fine producers throughout the area. Sonoma County has since become a top destination for wine enthusiasts, and spans all of the Sonoma Coast.


You can find a list below of both producers and restaurants/bars to sip on Seppa Vineyard Pinot Noir!

© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media
© Leila Seppa Photo + Media

The Vines

Located in Penngrove, Sonoma County, Seppa Vineyard sits in the Petaluma Gap in a valley that is under- lain by unconsolidated marine and continental sediments and volcanic rocks of Tertiary and Quaternary age. The diurnal temperatures can range up to 40+ degrees, and the valley experiences a coastal fog layer that lends itself to a final wine with added complexity and acidity.



Sustainably grown

Permanent groundcover

Balanced Biosphere

No treated Wood products

Sand and Clay Soil

110 feet above Sea Level

Aspect: 70% easterly, 30% south facing. Slope: 1-3%.


Region:  Petaluma  Gap

Appellation:  Sonoma  Coast

Vineyard:  Seppa Vineyard

Soil:  Sand  and  clay  soil

Varietal:  100%  Pinot  Noir,  Clone  115

Vine  age:  Over  18 years  old


"No field left un-tilled, til the days end with nought but a glass of wine"


Where to Find Seppa Pinot


Gary Danko, San Francisco CA

Wayfare Tavern, Chef Tyler Florence, SF CA

Perbacco, San Francisco CA

Press Club, San Francisco CA

Mason, Chef Ryan Scott, San Francisco, CA

Revolution Wine Bar, Sacramento CA

Ella Dining Room & Bar, Sacramento CA

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant, San Diego CA


Wineries, Clients, Buyers

Bravium, Single Estate Label, Seppa Vineyard 

BUY 375ml Half bottles

"The wine is bright and focused, with beautiful cherry fruit and a hint of berry fruit that you get from cool-­‐climate Sonoma Coast, yet has the roundness that you normally get with inland sites in the Petaluma Gap. Rohlffs makes the wine gravitationally with minimal intervention, taking inspiration from the great winemakers of Burgundy.At 12.3% alcohol, and possessing an invigoratingacidity, this elegant wine is very well-­suited to food pair."

Vinification  and  aging:  7  day  cold  soak  followed  by spontaneous fermentation,  pressed  into  Francois  Frères French  barrels  (10% new), racked  once  after  MLF, gravity moved, aged  for  11 months, bottled  unfined  and unfiltered

Tasting  Notes:  Berry  patch aromas  with  a  savory  note.   Tart  red fruit flavors with  palate-cleansing acidity  in  this well‐balanced wine.


Other buyers include:

Terragena, Myers Flat CA

Amphora Wines, Healdsburg CA

Dovetail, Napa CA

Alfaro, Watsonville CA

Banshee, Healdsburg CA


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